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Choosing your Carpet

Wool Carpets Durable and great value for money, our range of wool carpets are long lasting and available in a wide range of different styles suited to different uses and levels of wear and tear. Twist carpets Twist carpets are a cut pile made from twisted fibres and is our most popular style of tufted carpet.  The coarse finish of a twist pile creates a textured hard wearing surface that’s great for busy areas of your home such as halls, stairs, landings and lounges. Loop carpets Loop carpets are made using uncut loops of yarn that allows the weave to bounce back easily, making it great for busy rooms.  However, if you own a cat or a dog this probably isn’t the choice for you as the loops in this carpet can get pulled lose by their claws. Velvet carpets Velvet carpets have a soft, smooth cut pile that looks gives a luxurious look and feel.  Whilst good for all areas its’ particularly rich and indulgent feel is best suited to formal rooms and bedrooms. Berber twist carpets Berber twist carpets are a blend of random coloured yarns that give a flecked and textured look. Saxony carpets Saxony carpets have a deep pile making them an extremely popular choice for adding a touch of luxury to a bedroom. This type of carpet is more suited to areas of low use, as the long pile can flatten easily and is more difficult to clean. Our Carpet Brands Include:


We have a team of employed experienced fitters who will expertly lay your brand new carpet perfectly. Give us a call and we will arrange it for you. We also supply a huge range of quality underlays to compliment you new carpet.


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