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Solid Wood Flooring A solid wood floor not only offers strength and durability but also the tactile sensation of its natural wood texture. Once installed, it soon becomes a living, breathing part of your surroundings, radiating its warmth and feeling confident under your feet Our solid wood ranges are made from hardwoods such as oak and walnut. The trees we use are carefully selected and harvested from sustainably managed forests in Europe or the Americas. Each board is engineered from a single piece of timber that has been carefully chosen, graded and then machined with a tongue and groove on all sides for simple, accurate fitting. The wood’s natural texture is enhanced through a range of different finishes, each of which brings out an exciting aspect of its character. Inspiring grain patterns, mellow hues, rustic textures, elegance, strength… our solid wood ranges offer all this and more. Engineered Wood Flooring To the naked eye, engineered wood flooring has all the natural beauty of solid wood. Intriguing textures, rich and subtle colours, and gorgeous finishes are all present and correct. However, the boards are constructed in a way that makes them more versatile, and more practical, in today’s home. With central or underfloor heating, solid wood floors can easily dry out and become warped. They are susceptible to expansion and contraction too. Engineered flooring is designed to overcome such problems. Our wood is still carefully selected from sustainable sources, but it’s cut and formed into three layers. The top layer provides the unique texture and strength of natural wood, a central core of softwood, high density fibreboard or plywood adds stability, and there’s a veneer underneath for balance. The resulting boards are gorgeous, and long lasting. An engineered construction with just a top layer of real wood also helps the tree to go further, extending the resources available while providing a more stable floor. Meanwhile, the wood’s natural qualities drives the finishing process. Our ranges of engineered wood flooring each aim to capture a unique aspect of Britain’s natural environments while also reflecting our commitment to quality and affordability. Laminate Flooring Laminate flooring looks just like real wood, but the latest manufacturing techniques mean that it’s tough, scratch resistant and long lasting. It’s also very affordable compared to an all-wood product. An authentic wood print pattern is applied to the surface, which is covered in a tough layer of transparent melamine. Inside, the HDF core has the best qualities of wood in that it’s strong and flexible, but is less likely to warp and doesn’t expand and contract to the same degree. The cellulose backing keeps laminate boards steady on the subfloor where they’re installed. The lock joint system of our ranges makes the floor itself easy to fit, without the need for glue. Though laminate is essentially a manmade solution, it comes in a wide variety of colours and styles that have all the character of natural wood. From clean and contemporary whitewashed boards to rustic and rural-inspired designs, there’s something to suit every preference and decorative theme. Our Wood Brands Include:


We have a team of employed experienced fitters who will expertly lay your brand new wood flooring perfectly. Give us a call and we will arrange it for you. .
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